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Albion Public Library

Library Policies

The following policies govern how we use our library.

Lending Policies

  1. Any resident of the City of Albion may borrow books or materials free of charge.  Adult library cards are issued upon application and proof of residence. 
  2. Non-resident cards may be issued upon application to households outside the city limits for $40/year which is adjusted annually in accordance with State Law.
  3. Materials may be checked out for four (4) weeks and may be renewed once for two (2) weeks. Videos and DVDs cannot be renewed.
  4. A fine of ten cents (10¢) per day will be charged on each item that is not returned according to the above rule.  No books will be issued to any person incurring such a fine until it has been paid.  No charge will be made for days when the library is closed.
  5. A patron who loses or damages library materials will pay for the materials at a rate established by the librarian.  The maximum penalty will be the cost of replacing the item plus any applicable fees.  The Illinois Heartland Library System will assess penalties according to their guidelines for lost or damaged materials borrowed from that system.
  6. The librarian reserves the right to limit the number materials borrowed by an individual patron.  This limitation will be based on the patron's history of timely return of borrowed materials in good condition.

Computer Use Policy

  1. Patrons may use the library computers on a first-come, first-serve basis. To use a computer, a patron must sign in and sign out when finished. The amount of time a patron can use a computer is not limited unless another patron is waiting and the patron has been logged on for an hour or more; in which case, the user will be asked to vacate the station so the waiting patron can be seated.
  2. A patron may print files for a fee of 25¢ per page.
  3. Buying or selling on-line using library computers is prohibited.
  4. Although some sites are blocked, patrons are prohibited from accessing sites that contain the following:
    a.  Pornography
    b.  Chat rooms
    c.  Gambling
    d.  Hate violence
    e.  Illegal acts

The Albion Public Library is not responsible for damages, direct or indirect, arising from a patron’s use of a library computer.